Recruitment of subjects for clinical research

We are currently recruiting patients who are willing to participate in the following clinical study.

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Effects of cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation on upper limb motor function after stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Objective: To examine the effect of transcranial direct-current electrical stimulation, which can stimulate the brain by applying electric current to the scalp, and intensive rehabilitation of the upper limb on motor function in patients with residual motor paralysis in upper limb hemiparesis after stroke.

Method: Transcranial direct-current electrical stimulation (20 minutes) and intensive upper limb rehabilitation focusing on exercises for the affected hand and arm will be performed for four hours a day for two weeks.

Inclusion criteria

  • Age: 40 to 79 years old
  • > 6 months after stroke onset
  • Mild-to-moderate upper limb hemiparesis (reserved motor function to be able to lift objects even slightly)
  • Independent walking ability
  • Able to be hospitalized for two weeks

There are other eligibility criteria for participation. The final decision on participation will be made after an evaluation of cognitive and motor functions.

Contact: Akiko Yuasa, Researcher, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine I, Fujita Health University
Tel 080-9543-6177

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