Advanced programs for cognitive and emotional disorders and dementia

Cognitive function refers to the mental processes of perception, learning, memory, understanding, awareness, reasoning, judgment, intuition, and language. When cognitive functions decline due to aging, brain diseases, or brain injuries, daily life and communication may no longer be well functioning. We are researching on the methods to properly capture the abilities of people with declining cognitive functions and to use devices to improve the lives of individuals and their families. Our researches include the evaluation of cognition and communication using tablet devices, facial expression analysis systems for the evaluation of emotion, communication robots, and rehabilitation programs for supporting the lives of patients with dementia and their families.

Tablet app to evaluate cognitive functions

Evaluation and training of communication skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing, can be performed using a tablet device and voice microphone (jointly developed with Sysnet Corporation, Osaka, Japan).

Facial expression analysis

We are researching on the application of facial expression analysis as one of the rehabilitation strategies for people suffering from difficulty in communication due to cognitive impairment caused by post-traumatic brain injury or some other disease.

Rehabilitation program for dementia

We are developing and researching a new program for patients with dementia. After understanding the patient's symptoms of dementia, we will ask the patient and family about the problems they are facing in their daily lives and the activities they would like to be able to do. We will then work together to seek the ways to address these problems.


Research Activities

Research activitiesResearch activities