Rehabilitation for acute care patients

It is important to improve physical functions that have been reduced due to illness or trauma and to prevent complications caused by unnecessary rest and immobility. For example, about 1/3rd of the rehabilitation at Fujita Health University Hospital starts at the bedside in the intensive care unit and approximately 1/3rd at the bedside in the acute care wards; we provide rehabilitation focusing on "activity" from an early stage. In addition, therapists are assigned to the intensive care unit and other acute care wards where the need for rehabilitation is high. To seek the optimal rehabilitation in acute care, we investigate the safety and outcomes of rehabilitation, effects of assigning therapists to the wards, and effects of cardiac rehabilitation on advanced cardiovascular treatments including catheterization. We are also working on the development of new treatment methods for older patients with heart failure and the research on the respiratory function required for weaning from ventilators.

Exercising on the bed using an ergometer during dialysis

Rehabilitation program for weaning from ventilators


Research Activities

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