Advanced community-based integrated care system

Rehabilitation medicine is the cornerstone of a community-based integrated care system. In 2013, Fujita Health University became the first educational institution with a university hospital in Japan to open a Comprehensive Community Care Center and began providing home medical care and nursing care services. Subsequently, to support the establishment of prevention, daily life support, housing, and mutual assistance between residents, we opened the Fujita Machikado Health Office, staffed by medical and nursing care professionals, in the UR Toyoake Housing Complex. In the upper floors of the complex, students of the university reside to become young leaders of mutual aid, and this initiative has produced significant results in creating a symbiotic community. In addition, the university is accelerating the implementation of advanced community-based integrated care through the establishment of the only university-operated home medical care and nursing care coordination center in Japan, nation's first "Support Center for Education and Human Resources Development for Community-based Integrated Care System" for the purpose of educating local government officials. Furthermore, we opened satellites of Comprehensive Community Care Center (home nursing stations and in-home long-term care suppot offices) in Koda city and Okazaki city.

In addition, we are developing Robotic Smart Home (RSH) that aims to establish safe, secure, comfortable, and active living of the older people by integrating the living environment with robotics and internet of things (IoT) technologies. We are also working on the development of a community-based care system using robotics in collaboration with Toyota City and Toyota Motor Corporation (Endowed Chair, Department of Community-based Rehabilitation with Robotic Technology), researches and implementations in rehabilitation and community-based integrated care system in Ise city (Endowed Chair, Department of Liaison Rehabilitation Medicine, FHU School of Medicine) and Shiga Prefecture; development of a telerehabilitation system; and development of Medical Exercise Program (MEP) in which exercise programs based on comprehensive functional assessments are provided as a well-aging care program at the International Medical Center of Fujita Health University Hospital.


Fujita Machikao Health Office

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Medical Exercise Program provides exercise programs based on comprehensive functional assessments


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