Robotic smart home

We are developing the Robotic Smart Home (RSH), a living space with the use of various Activity Assistive Technology (AAT), to provide people with a safe, secure, and comfortable life at home. RSH also focuses on the rhythms and behavioral changes of the older people and persons with inactive lifestyle. The goal of this project is to propose a new home renovation design that integrates artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and robots that naturally induce human activities.


We are actively utilizing twin facilities: the research center for RSH in the UR Toyoake complex as a place to conduct authentic assessment, termed as the living laboratory and the research center for RSH/AAT on our campus to promote the development of elemental technologies for various activity assistive devices. We also utilize the findings and products obtained from Aichi Prefecture's "Knowledge Hub Aichi Priority Research Project", "Demonstration Project for Telerehabilitation and Rehabilitation Robots" and "Social Implementation Project of Care and Rehabilitation Robot " for developing various devices. In addition, our center is one of the eight bases nationwide for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's project to build a platform for the development, demonstration, and dissemination of nursing care robots, and will be used for industry-government-academia initiatives.

Research center for RSH in the UR Toyoake complex

Initiatives of the Living Laboratory at the center in the complex

Research center for RSH/AAT on our campus

Side transfer assist robot (STAR) (under development)

A robot with a new structure to solve the difficulty of moving and transferring, which is a drawback of wheelchairs.

Telemedicine system

We are applying this system not only to remote areas, but also to patients who need to be isolated due to infection in hospitals.


Research Activities

Research activitiesResearch activities