Fujita Health University Nanakuri Memorial Hospital


It was established in 1987 as the Nanakuri Sanatorium of Fujita Health University in Hisai (now Tsu), Mie Prefecture, and has provided rehabilitation and palliative care since its establishment. The development of the Nanakuri Sanatorium, which was started as a hospital for patients in the chronic phase of diseases, accelerated after the launch of the rehabilitation ward in 2000, which is known as the place where the full-time integrated rehabilitation, that has now become a standard for the Kaifukuki rehabilitation ward, was first started. To expand the training room, the advanced rehabilitation building was extended in 2017.

Advanced rehabilitation wards at Fujita Health University Nanakuri Memorial Hospital


Full-time Integrated Treatment (FIT) program

We have developed, implemented, and revised the FIT program as a system to operate the convalescent rehabilitation ward. The FIT program uses motor learning as its basic framework. Our team approach is not intentional, but is flexible and adaptable. Physiatrists, nurses, care workers, therapists, social workers, dietitians, and others work synergistically to achieve the best results. The six-meter-wide corridor between the training rooms and patient rooms is a symbol of the FIT program, serving as both a training space and a place for communication.Kaifukuki rehabilitation ward, Nanakuri Memorial Hospital


Patient population, database, and researches

Approximately 80% of the patients admitted to the hospital have brain injuries including stroke and traumatic brain injury, while the others include hip fractures, spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular diseases, and amputations. We have accumulated this experience as a stroke database of more than 6,500 patients and utilized it in our clinical practice and researches. We also work on research on gait/movement analysis, seating, cognitive dysfunction, and robotics, to enable better clinical activities. In addition, we provide in-home rehabilitation services in the context of daycare rehabilitation and home nursing.

Educational activities

The Nanakuri rehabilitation seminar started in 2000 for rehabilitation professionals and was held 117 times until 2019, and have been conducted as a hybrid online seminar since 2020.