Comprehensive Community Care Center

Towards the realization of a symbiotic community

In 2013, with the aim of implementing an advanced model of comprehensive care for the community, Fujita Health University became the first educational institution with a university hospital in Japan to open a Comprehensive Community Care Center for the community including a home nursing station and an in-home long-term care support office and started "home medical care and nursing care services". In 2015, in cooperation with Toyoake City and the Urban Renaissance Agency, we established the Fujita Machikado Health Office in Toyoake Danchi as a "Kayoino-ba (place where people gather)" where medical and nursing care professionals are stationed to support the establishment of "prevention, daily life support, housing, and mutual assistance between residents". In 2017, we established the Toyoake Togo Medical Care Support Center Kakehashi, the only university-operated home medical care and nursing care coordination center in Japan, which has enabled to accelerate the education of local medical care professionals. In 2019, we established the nation's first " Support Center for Education and Human Resources Development for Community-based Integrated Care System" for the purpose of educating local government officials. In 2020, we opened satellites of Comprehensive Community Care Center (home nursing stations and in-home long-term care support offices) in Koda city and Okazaki city.

Fujita Community Health Center and Otonari project

The Fujita Community Health Center is a place where local residents can go every weekday to receive free health counseling and health classes at the shopping district. About 5,000 residents visit the center every year, and it provides various consultations on prevention, daily life support, housing, medical care, and nursing care, as well as about 400 lectures on daily life. In the "Otonari Project," about 60 university students live on the fourth and fifth floors of the Toyoake housing complex and participate in activities for local community contribution as mutual supporters for residents, regardless of their undergraduate year. They are working on "experiencing community-based integrated care system" and “solving community issues”.

Support Center for Education and Human Resources Development for Community-based Integrated Care System

Our approach to community-based integrated care system has developed in cooperation with Toyoake city and is called the "Fujita-Toyoake City Model". In the fiscal year of 2019, Toyoake city ranked second in the number of local government visitors, attracting considerable attention from inside and outside Japan. To apply this experience to the promotion of "community-based integrated care system" in local governments nationwide, we have started training programs for local government officials. In addition to medical and nursing care coordination, we are also working on professional and administrative coordination to promote optimized "community-based integrated care system" in line with local conditions.